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Vision, Mission & Goal

Vision, Mission & Goal


“A good beginning itself is half success” when we strive with diligence, Zeal and skill God also lends a helping hand. Our vision is to provide a thorough education based on Christian Principles to empower women and to develop the all round personality. We train the less privileged with skills and transform the lives of poor and marginalized. We impart value based education and guide the students to see beyond the immediate.


We ought to be Explorers. We must still and still be moving our Mission is to prepare young minds of today to bloom into leaders of tomorrow and let us try to induce the spirit of National Integration and Unity.

GOAL: Our aim is to radiate the values of Love, Peace, Joy and truth.

We inculcate them to have concern and respect for “Human Life and Dignity of Self” Exhorting everyone to love God. 

Value Education

Imbibing right value becomes and investment in personal attitudes and convictions. The dividend of which enriches all life experiences. Presentation vision of Education is the cultivation of social, ethical and spiritual values. So value education becomes a part of curriculum. Holy mass is conducted our the first Friday of every month. During the assembly there is prayer song, prayer, Bible reading, Kuran, Bhagavath Gita, New reading, thought for the day etc.

The following were the programmes arranged by committee.

1. Seminars
2. Attaining God’s experience through prayers and song.
3. Life guidance seminar for students and teachers.
4. Meditation shapers concentration.

Uniform: From VI to XII - Sudhidar 

1. Tops light blue with checks. Bottom light blue Dubbatta light blue.
2. VI to X double plat with black ribbon.
3. Hr.Sec.students double plat with white ribbon.
4. On Fridays students are allowed to have flower.
5. Uniform should be neat and clean.


To promote competitive spirit in the minds of the students and to encourage them several endowments are given to the students for their best performance by the well wishers of the school. 


Studies is the focal point of a student but leadership qualities in a student should be kindled for effective public life nation building and the betterment of society. A democratic style election was conducted and the students exercised their franchise. They are incharge of discipline, cleanliness and charity work.

Staff Meeting:

Staff meetings were regularly conducted soon after the prayer. Day-to Day works and rectifications are discussed. Faculty club meetings are conducted to discuss the various points for the improvement of teaching learning process.


To safeguard the school from social problems or damages to properties by having security guards and well trained watch dogs.

Two watchman take turns in providing security during day and night.
No one allowed to enter or exit the school campus without permission.
Police help in sought at the time of public functions, every morning and evening to control the traffic in front of the school.

News & Events


            “Golden memory stay with us never

              But thoughts in mind Vibrate forever”

    It was the joyous celebration of the 150th year was indeed a one and half a century of shining witness.    

    THE  SPORTS MEET (8.8.15)

              “Sport is a School of courage, of loyalty, of resolution and of Universal brotherhood”

              On 8th August 2015, Our school celebrated its Annual Sports Day. Mr. Chandramohan, Inspector of police declared the sports meet with the lighting of Olympic Torch. Dr.T.Shamugavalli Head of the Department of Physical Education Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science & Higher Education was the Chief Guest and addressed the gathering. 


              Presentation Convent Alumini Association celebrated the Landmark event in the History of  Presentation convent Girls’ Hr.Sec.School.

              The past students of our school were invited. They shared their experiences and it was indeed a great expression of their gratitude to this institution.


              “A Hip Hip Hurrah to pur Retiring Staff  the generators of knowledge  & power of our school!”

              Farewell to our beloved teachers, Rev.Sr.Adaikalamary, Mrs.Mythili, Mrs.Mary Margaret Rose, Mrs.Palaniammal, Mrs.Nirmala Victoria, Miss. Vimala and the office staff Mrs. Assuntha Mary imparted great influence among us.


              “Sing Praises to the Lord

              For He has done gloriously, Let this

              Be known in all the earth”

    Sesquicentennial Carousing on Tuesday 1st Dec 2015 in our school premises.


    How Wonderful and great are your deeds O’ Lord, God Almighty” Acts:15:3

              By the mighty power of the Almighty, Presentation Convent has completed 150 years of significant accomplishment in all fields.

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It was the joyous celebration of the 150th year was indeed a one and half a century of shining witness.

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