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Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee 1939 -1989

There is a season for everything for every occupation under Heaven’s Glory Ecclesiastes 3:1

Half a century of shining religious witness animated by Franciscan spirituality and missionary Zeal in the important field of Christian Education.

The tree which has grown up from the precious seed sown fifty years ago continue to blossom and bear fruit.

The driving force behind this splendid Golden Jubilee Our Headmistress Rev. Sr. Josephine who celebrated this remarkable day which was 2 days celebration on 26.11.1990, 27.11.1990 in a grand gala. The Golden Jubilee achievement is none other than a set of dedicated and devoted Headmistress.




1941 – 1947

Mrs. Peri


1947 - 1948



1949 – 1951

Rev.Mother Lidwin


1957 – 1958



1958 – 1960



1960 – 1967

Rev.Sr.Mary Regina


1967 – 1969

Rev.Mother Stella


1969 -1972

Rev.Sr.Mary Regina


1972 -1974

Rev.Mother Lidwin


1974 – 1978

Rev.Mother Bernadette


1978 – 1980

Rev.Sr.Mary Jane


1980 – 1983

Rev.Mother Immaculate


1983 – 1985

Rev.Sr.Dorathy Queenie


1985 – 1986

Rev.Mother Marceline


1986 – 1987



1987 – 1992



Who were given due recognition by the Institution along with Teaching and Non- Teaching staff.

This journey never ends. The quest for education is like the endless search for pearls at the bottom of the sea. A well equipped mind indeed the hour well integrated morally intellectually, spiritually and socially committed to traverse new vistas of the future. The ample opportunity at Presentation provide the right environment to shine and let shine.

All the Glory has accrued to Presentation is none but the fruit of His Divine Grace. Innumerable blessings of God has been granted to students through our school Journey from 1939 with Grace abundant, with Grace divine will full measure of dedication they are our Teaching staff and non-Teaching staff who are the cause to lift up the institution to its pinnacle of victory. 

2 Days Celebrations


News & Events


            “Golden memory stay with us never

              But thoughts in mind Vibrate forever”

    It was the joyous celebration of the 150th year was indeed a one and half a century of shining witness.    

    THE  SPORTS MEET (8.8.15)

              “Sport is a School of courage, of loyalty, of resolution and of Universal brotherhood”

              On 8th August 2015, Our school celebrated its Annual Sports Day. Mr. Chandramohan, Inspector of police declared the sports meet with the lighting of Olympic Torch. Dr.T.Shamugavalli Head of the Department of Physical Education Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science & Higher Education was the Chief Guest and addressed the gathering. 


              Presentation Convent Alumini Association celebrated the Landmark event in the History of  Presentation convent Girls’ Hr.Sec.School.

              The past students of our school were invited. They shared their experiences and it was indeed a great expression of their gratitude to this institution.


              “A Hip Hip Hurrah to pur Retiring Staff  the generators of knowledge  & power of our school!”

              Farewell to our beloved teachers, Rev.Sr.Adaikalamary, Mrs.Mythili, Mrs.Mary Margaret Rose, Mrs.Palaniammal, Mrs.Nirmala Victoria, Miss. Vimala and the office staff Mrs. Assuntha Mary imparted great influence among us.


              “Sing Praises to the Lord

              For He has done gloriously, Let this

              Be known in all the earth”

    Sesquicentennial Carousing on Tuesday 1st Dec 2015 in our school premises.


    How Wonderful and great are your deeds O’ Lord, God Almighty” Acts:15:3

              By the mighty power of the Almighty, Presentation Convent has completed 150 years of significant accomplishment in all fields.

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It was the joyous celebration of the 150th year was indeed a one and half a century of shining witness.

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